Jul 6, 2012

New version of Google Analytics ME v2.1

Hi, all

Today, I would like to announce that Google Analytics ME v2.1 has been released. This new version comes with important fixes. See them below:

- Fixed issue that was not identifing properly unique visitors.
- Improved session counter and visit duration calculation.
- Assign a custom user agent throught the JAD property "GAME-Custom-UserAgent".

It is important to point out that this new version will reset a cookie that is installed in your app by the API to track the user. This was necessary, since its structure had to be changed. So, don't worry when new unique users appear in your reports, when your users start updating their apps. From now on, they will be unique for sure.

Use the new JAD property "GAME-Custom-UserAgent" to customize the user agent that your app sends to Google Analytics. For instance, this can help you identify properly from which devices users are running your app.

I would like to thank Ramesh Sudini from SAAVN for your contribution in this release.

To download the API, click here! By the way, inside the package there is a sample app for reference.

Hopefully, everybody enjoy it!

See you in the next post...

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