Feb 25, 2013

Multiple HTTP Headers for S40: Fixed!

Hi, all

Long time since last time, hah? Sorry! Quite busy!

Back in 2011 we reported a problem on Nokia S40 platform. That time I would like to be able to access multiple HTTP headers of the same type, i.e. Set-Cookie. Unfortunately, I found it was not possible, because of a bug in the platform. It was a shame, since I had to implement a workaround for a feature that I was working on in one of my projects due to this issue.

But now, furtunately, I am here to share that this issue was fixed by Nokia in S40 SDK 2.0, present in the new multi-touch Asha devices.

Skalogir - Update 16th of August 2012

This issue is still present and affects both Symbian and Series 40 devices. After extensive hands on testing, I have updated the categories. The error is fixed on S60 5th Edition and Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0. Any previous platforms are affected by this.

Great, isn't it? I tried it out and it really works. Finally, I was able to implement my feature the way I wanted.

On the other hand, it is fixed only for SDK 2.0. So, if your app still targets older versions of S40, you will have to handle it.

One more time, thanks Nokia.

See you in the next post...

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