Oct 4, 2010

LWUIT: In the spotlight at Java One

Hi all,

LWUIT was one of the most mentioned topics related to mobility at Java One. This year, there were many sessions related to it, for instance:

  • Beyond Smartphones: Rich Applications and Services for the Mobile Masses
  • Developing Java TV Applications with LWUIT for DTVi-J (Ginga-J) Brazil
  • LWUIT Cheat Sheet: How to Optimize Your LWUIT-Based Java ME Applications
  • Introducing Java TV Widget Development
Since LWUIT has joined ORACLE (since times of Sun), it has achieved a huge visibility and importance in mobile scenery. Now, developers are more aware of what they can do for their apps, regarding UI. Instead of struggling to implement their own UI frameworks, now they know that there is a good option to invest on. In addition, LWUIT has also worked hard to provide more features and be more stable as new versions are released.

Today, I would like to share with you this short presention about LWUIT 1.4 and some other related topics, e.g., Virtual Keyboard, HTMLComponent, etc, that was also presented at Java One. Who hold this presention were Ariel Levin and Chen Fishbein. Two key LWUIT developers.

I hope you like, since it gives a good overview of what now you can do with LWUIT 1.4.

See you in the next post...