Oct 8, 2010

Floggy: Powered by Eclipse Plugin

Hi all,

Do you remind Floggy? No? So click here and refresh your mind. In a few words it is a persistence framework, which makes easier the work with data persistence in Java ME. No more handling byte arrays and record stores. My students liked it! They were not confortable with the idea of working with bytes, so I decided to introduce Floggy to them. This behavior is pretty commom from developers coming from JEE world, used to deal with Hibernate, JPA, etc.

For my surprise, one of the students that decided to work with Floggy, in order to develop his final evaluation project, introduced me a pretty nice tool: Floggy Eclipse Plugin. I really did not know it. That time I wrote about Floggy, I did not pay attention in all details of the project.

Anyway, always is time to introduce good things. Floggy Eclipse Plugin makes much easier the process of working with Floggy: from setup until deployment phase. In addition, you do not even need to import Floggy lib into your project. The plugin does it for you.

The install process of Floggy Eclipse Plugin is just like any other Eclipse plugin. Once istalled, all you need to to is to enable it for your project. Just right-click in your project folder and then press "Add Floggy Nature". Easy, huh? Now you are good to go! However, if you need more details on it, here it goes the link.

Floggy is a very good alternative for Java ME persistence. It is worth a shot.

See you in the next post...