Oct 1, 2010

Java ME: Next steps

Hi all,

As most of Java community must know, last month we had JavaOne event, in San Francisco, CA. It was a huge event, as usual. Many Java topics were discussed and introduced. But one of them has great importance for us, which is related to Java ME.

We all had our doubts about Java ME's future after acquisition of Sun Microsystems by ORACLE. It has been created a big expectation on what would be the next steps of this platform. Fortunately, they had something prepared to announce at Java One.

There are some good news for all of us, which I want to share with you. Who outlines all these good stuff is Terrence Barr. A very known name in Mobile & Embedded Java community. I will drop here a link to his latest post, where he describes what is coming on Java ME's future.

However, I really do not know how soon we will get all those new features. Since, we all know that it does not depend on ORACLE only. Unfortunately, Java ME-enabled devices are not produced by ORACLE itself. I wish we could have something for Java ME as we have for iOS and Android platforms.

I really hope it does not end up like MIDP 3.0. Let's cheer for the opposite!

See you in the next post...