Jan 9, 2010

Tip of the Week: Believe it!

Hi all,

During an application porting this week, I witnessed some situations while I was implementing the necessary adjustments to get the application working properly on a new device, that made me reflect and then create the phrase below:

"Never disconsider any absurd during the porting of a mobile application. The absurd may be the first step for a solution."

Be advised!

See you in the next post...


Sriram said...

HI ,

i have developed a j2me application and has different behaviour across handsets .
Could u guide me through regarding the porting process .
This would be of immense help


Ernandes Mourão Júnior said...


The porting process is basically to adapt your application to work properly according to the differences that exist among the devices.

The main differences are screen size, input type, supported api's, power processing and memory.

Focus on adapting your application to meet these points. For instance, build your ui to work on different screen sizes or, at least, the ones that make part of your set of target devices.

I hope I have helped.


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