Mar 17, 2010

Ideas for new Posts: Let's Shake this Place

Hi all,

Unfortunately, I have been kind of far from Java ME stuff in the past weeks. That's why I have not posted anything. Well, let's bring the posts back. For this, I am going to ask help from you guys:

Which Java ME-related topic(s) would you guys like to be discussed on this blog?

Please, comment here or send me an e-mail.

I look forward to hear from you.

See you in the next post...


drubin said...

Very con-traversal question. How do you see J2me surviving. Even with midp3 their security permissions are archaic and make development for the platform in a social/interactive way horrid.

Midlet signing wasn't something has has been fixed with midp3.
Promoting users for each http connection is horrid.

Any way my question is how do you think j2me will survive giving the other platforms platforms like Android/Iphone/...

Ernandes Mourão Júnior said...

Good one! Let me expose my opinion on this matter. Thanks for the idea.

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