Jan 9, 2010

Java ME Platform SDK and Windows Mobile Integration: Good luck!

Hi all,

For those developers who build Java ME applications to run on Windows Mobile, here it goes a documentation by Sun Microsystems that explains how to integrate Java ME Platform SDK 3.0 and Bill Gates' operating system. This document is not that full in details, but at least can give you a north for a solution.

I have received some e-mails from people who is struggling to use this VM provided by Java ME Platform SDK 3.0, telling me that they are not making it work properly. Unfortunately, I have not found a good documentation on this topic, neither attempted to get it working by myself. I, particularly, am not a great admirer of Java ME and Windows Mobile combination. For me they are like water and oil.

For instance, for the past three weeks I have been working on an application porting to Windows Mobile 6.5, which VM is Jbed. It has been a looong work. :/

Almost forgot! Here is the documentation's link. Have fun! :)

See you in the next post...