Mar 21, 2009

KVM says goodbye: The benefits of its retirement

Hi all,

In the new Java ME Platform SDK 3, the Sun Microsystems finally retired the Java ME's pioneer virtual machine: KVM. Until the last release of WTK, 2.5.2, all the available emulators were still based on KVM. However, since some time ago, the KVM has not been used by the devices in the market. In fact, it was replaced by CLDC HotSpot Virtual Machine, which is a faster and more robut VM. Ready to meet the market's demands.

The great benefit we can have from this story is that from now on, the behavior of our applications, running on the emulator, will be closer to that one found when running on a real device. Because now, the only difference between emulator and real device's environment will be the underlying processor (e.g. Intel and ARM). I bet that even the bugs found in the VM's implementation are the same in both environments. :)

Have a great retirement, KMV. Thank you very much for your services.

See you in the next post...

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