Mar 27, 2009

Numbers about Java: Keep it up!

Hi all,

I was surfing on the Internet when, suddenly, a link for a page that contains all the presentations from Sun Tech Days that took place in September/2008 in São Paulo, Brazil, came up. Taking a loot at the list, I saw one about Java ME. I got curious, since the title is 'What's New in JavaME: MIDP 3.0, BluRay, LWUIT and more', and then I opened it.

Right in the third slide, there is some very interesting numbers about Java Platform, that I would like to share with you guys. This shows how "everywhere" Java is. Let's see them:
  • 6 Billion Java-Enabled Devices
  • 2.5 Billion Java-Enabled Phones (Impressive, isn't it?)
  • 3.5 Billion Java Card
  • 20 Million Java Set-top Boxes
  • 800 Million Java Desktops
  • 180 Operators Deploying Java Content
  • 6 Million Developers
For further information about these numbers and the other interesting information from this presentation, for instance, MIDP 3 and LWUIT, click here. For the complete list of presentations, now click here.

See you in the next post...