Mar 16, 2009

Java Platform SDK 3: What is opinion about it?

Hi all,

I just wrote an article for a magazine specialized in Java platform, here in Brazil, exploring a little bit about the new Java Platform SDK 3, which comes to replace our buddy, WTK.

In my opinion, this new version is better off for beginners, since it has a built-in development environment, based on Netbeans. This will help a lot new developers to write their first J2ME applications, because there is no initial setup. In additional, you will find some new JSRs, interface for WURFL, built-in LWUIT, a profiler, support for third-party emulators, etc. In fact, most of them already found in Netbeans Mobility Pack. So, no big deal!

On the other hand, for professional developers, two news deserve a special attention. First, now all the emulators run CLDC HotSpot Virtual Machine, which retires, once for all, the KVM. KVM had already been retired from the devices since a long time ago. Second, Windows Mobile 6 devices now supports J2ME applications, with an official Sun's support. Sun is making available an J2ME VM that can be installed either on a emulators or real devices.

How about you? Have you already tried the new SDK ? If so, tell us your impressions about it.

See you in the next post...