Feb 9, 2009

Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2008: Yes! We won it!

Hi all,

I pleased to say that the application we submitted to Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2008 is one of the winners. Yes! We won it! The application is the winner of 'Going Green' category. This category, unfortunately, was canceled, because just a few of application were submitted. Due to this, all the few applications that could be put in another category were shifted to another ones.

However, all the effort we put on EcoMate could not be left in vain. Fortunately, the contest's judges realized that EcoMate deserved to be rewarded, because the message the application wants to convey is very important to people (see the phrase below by judges). Based on that, they awarded us with a special recognition award, which worths the same as the other categories' awards.

"Motivation from the jury - everybody cares about the environment. This application is a big step forward in the environmental space and well worth of a special recognition."

The EcoMate's objective is to encourage people to take care better of planet Earth. It provides a set of built-in actions that people can perform in order to reduce the environmental issues of our planet.

As prize, we were granted to use this badge above, which is the official "winner symbol", in any promotional material or website. In additional, we will be also attending to a behind-the-scenes two-day visit in Sony Ericsson’s development site in Lund, Sweden, where we will meet members of Sony Ericsson's senior management and discuss business with Sony Ericsson's content decision makers. Is not that awesome? :)

So, to know more details about the winners and the contest, take a look at the online ceremony at http://developer.sonyericsson.com/site/contentawards/p_index.jsp.

See you in the next post...

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