Dec 9, 2008

JavaFX for Mobile: Cool Stuff

Hi all,

Take a look at this interesting video about JavaFX Mobile. It is really impressive how great interfaces we can create for our Java ME applications using this technology. This video presented by Jacob Lehrbaum, Sr. Product Line Manager for JavaFX Mobile.

This is the power of integrating Flash and Java for mobile devices. I hope this kind of thing really works as expected, so people stop spending effort on creating UI frameworks in order to get rid of LCDUI.

Now, I am wondering... why is Sony Ericsson putting so much effort on Capuchin Project, since Sun has been working on a similar technology? I bet that both are working on this, but Sony Ericsson also wants to have its own technology.

I will try to get understand about JavaFX Mobile, so I can bring more information for you guys.

See you in the next post...