Nov 21, 2008

BlackBerry & Java: Tight Relationship

Hi all,

It is unarguable the relationship between BlackBerry devices and Java. In the last e-mail that I received from BlackBerry Developers Newsletter, they attempt to show how tight this relationship is. I got to be honest with you guys, I do not know much about BlackBerry's development platform, but I did not know BlackBerry was so involved with Java. Did you know that all those famous applications found on those devices, such as the message client, phone, and calendar are written in Java? Yes! J2ME.

BlackBerry has a complete Java development platform based on J2ME. It supports the basics, MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1, besides some others optional JSRs, such JSR 135, 75, 179, 82, etc. In additional, they also provide some specific BlackBerry APIs that enable access to some device's features, such as accessing e-mail, maps, integration with built-in apps, persistent model, etc.

In order to use all this "arsenal", BlackBerry also provides some tools to leverage software development for its devices. It provides an Eclipse Plugin that integrates with the SDK; a complete BlackBerry IDE, with all the tools integrated (e.g. SDK, simulators, debugging, etc); and SDK integration with others popular IDEs, e.g. Netbeans.

This newsletter really impressed me. It made me realize how powerful and mature this platform is. As a suggestion for you guys, I leave this link, below, with a full presentation about what I have just written. I hope you all enjoy it.

Introduction to BlackBerry® Java® Development

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