Oct 18, 2008

Sony Ericsson Content Awards: Show them what you can do

Hi all,

Sony Ericsson is seeking great applications, games, graphics, contents and services for its mobile phones. Sony Ericsson Content Awards is a contest open to all third-party development companies to submit their projects until November 30, 2008.

All the projects must be based on following technologies:
  • Sony Ericsson Java™ Platform 7 (JP-7) and JP-8
  • UIQ 3
  • Windows® Mobile phones
  • Sony Ericsson Themes Creator tool
  • Adobe® Flash Lite™
  • Project Capuchin
Each project must be related to one of some categories defined by the contest, e.g. Being Productive, Going Green, In-Car applications, etc. Each winner of each category will receive a 2008 winner's symbol and attend to a two day workshop at Sony Ericsson's development site in Lund, Sweden.

Do you want to know more about this contest? Go http://developer.sonyericsson.com/site/contentawards/p_index.jsp.

I will be participating, and you? :)

See you in the next post...

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