Oct 18, 2008

Java Platform Micro Edition SDK 3.0: The new WTK!

Hi all,

The Sun Microsystems just released the new Java ME SDK 3.0, former Java Wireless Toolkit, which comes with many new features. Besides the support to some new JSR's, e.g. Motion Sensor API and Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J), the new big change is a standalone development environment and a set of utilities for rapid development of Java ME applications. This environment is based on Netbeans. It is really cool, because now we have all we need to develop in a single tool.

Other big change that worths to point out is the replacement of KVM with the new CLDC HotSpot VM. This new implementation is a highly-optimized virtual machine which provides a significant performance advantage over KVM.

The others key features that you will find on new Java ME SDK 3.0 are:
  • Integration with 3rd party emulators and Windows Mobile devices
  • On-device deployment and on-device debugging
  • Profiling support
  • Lightweight UI Toolkit (LWUIT) integration
  • Device search database integrated in SDK
For futher information on new Java ME SDK 3.0, go to http://java.sun.com/javame/downloads/sdk30ea.jsp.

See you in the next post...