Sep 11, 2008

Project Capuchin: Now comes de SDK

Hi all,

Firstly they released the tutorial, now they come with the SDK. Sony Ericsson has just made available on its website, the Project Capuchin SDK, so that developers can start to work on Java ME applications that interact with Flash Lite.

To make the Project Capuchin SDK as accessible as possible to both Java and Flash Lite developers, the components are available for download as the following separate files:


  • Swf2Jar 1.1, Project Capuchin packaging tool and user guide
  • Sony Ericsson Project Capuchin APIs
Technical Docs
  • Project Capuchin Product Information document
  • Project Capuchin API Java documents
  • Setting up the Java environment for Project Capuchin Development
  • Getting started with Project Capuchin for Flash Lite and Java developers - includes reference applications
To download the SDK, access the link below:

See you in the next post...