Sep 30, 2008

J2ME on Blue-ray Players

Hi all,

It is impressive the number and kinds of devices that you find Java platform enabled. I just read a first part of an article that shows J2ME running on Blue-ray players. This specification is called BD-J (Blue-ray Disc) and based on CDC configuration.

The main capabilities of this specification, we can point out:
  • User Interface (e.g. draw texts, shapes, images, user input, etc)
  • Playback control
  • Internet access
  • Storage mechanism
As this is a CDC specification, an application for Blue-ray players is called Xlet. It has all thoses life-cycle methods found in Applets, Servet, MIDlets, and all the other let's that exist. In other words, it is pretty easy start to develop this kind of application, since it is very similar to any others.

For further information about BD-J, read the first part of this article and put more fun on your PS3 :):

See you in the next post...