Dec 13, 2010

AdME: Ad Library for Java ME

Hi all,

I hereby to announce another open source project of mine, called AdME. The idea behind this project is to provide a standardized way to access Ad Networks from Java ME apps. Designed to be extensible, AdME is prepared to support any Ad Network. For each network supported, a connector component must be build in order to handle the Ad retrieval. This work is done following a standard interface defined by the library.

In this version 1.0, AdME provides support for Inner-active Ad Network. It is a very good service that provides a rich set of Ads for Java-ME based devices, besides other popular platforms. Currently, I am working with them for two appa of mine. So far, so good! All you need to do to work with them is to fill out a form and register and your app. In a couple of hours, a person on behalf of Inner-active will get in touch with you, in order to provide your username, password and Application ID. You will use this ID in order to connect your app with Inner-active.

The AdME library is already available on There, besides the library, you will also find a sample app that demonstrates how to work with AdME. Due to lack of time, I was not able to publish a project's wiki with more details yet. However, the library is very straightforward and I believe you will not have any problem to get it working, by reading the Javadoc and/or analyzing the app's source code.

I hope to get more Ad Networks connectors implemented as soon as possible. If you know a good network with Ads for Java ME devices, please let me know.

I hope you like it!

See you in the next post...