Apr 29, 2010

New Version of Twitter API ME: A bit earlier.

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce that Twitter API ME 1.2 has just came out of the oven, with some great new stuffs and some challenges in sight. This new version took a bit more than a month to be developed. As we had previously advanced, we had planned to release it just on June. However, we decided to advance it, since Kenai.com will be under migration process from next Friday (April 30th), for an undetermined period. The website will be still up, but it will be completely read-only. This way, we could not upload the new version after April 30th.

For those who do not know, this migration process of Kenai.com has to do with the deal between Oracle and Sun Microsystems. But do not worry! Even after April 30th, you can download the new version. :)

Now let's outline what is new in version 1.2:
  • Retweet
  • Direct message posting and retrieval
  • Friendship management, i.e., follow/unfollow and block/unblock
  • Access to Public, Home, User and Mentions timelines
  • Rate limit status access for Search API
A lot of stuff, huh? For instance, now you can send private messages to your friends, follow someone (or block if you do not like him/her), see all tweets from your friends (same as you see at Twitter's home) and the ones that mention you, etc. With version 1.2, you have a complete set of features that allow you to implement a full-featured Twitter application.

As the previous ones, this version was expressively tested and new test cases were also implemented for all new features to guarantee the quality. Now we have over 100 test cases, covering 91% of the code.

Regarding documentation, all new features are well documented in the source code (Javadoc) and there is also some code snippets in our Wiki page.

As I said in the beginning we already have a challenge in sight. Currently, Twitter API ME uses Http Basic Authentication method to authenticate to Twitter API. However, Twitter API team has defined a deadline (June 30th) to deactivate this support. They are requesting that every application move to OAuth, which they state to be more suitable for them, because it is more secure for the users. No problem, let's do it. Because of that, we have to rush to get it done ASAP.

I believe that's all. I hope you guys enjoy this new version and bring me comments, suggestions, ideas so we can continue improving this API, OK?

Ah!!! I almost forgot. Here it goes the download link. :)

See you in the nest post...

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