Nov 5, 2009

Twitter API ME: Sample App

Hi all,

Have you already downloaded Twitter API ME 1.0? Yes? Great!!! To help still more, I just developed a sample app, Sparrow, so you guys can have a better understanding on how this API works. For while, it only provides a functionality for searching tweets. For instance, you enter some filters and then the application shows the results.

I attempted to use as many features as possible available on Twitter API ME 1.0 in this app. The idea is to show all you can do with the API. As new features come available, I will update the app, implementing a respective functionality.

To download the app, click here. In the zip file, you will find the source, binaries and lib.

I hope it helps you a lot.

See you in the next post...

p.s: Now, you can also access the project's page on


Big WIll said...

Twitter recently upgraded to OAuth 2.0. Do you plan on making changes to your J2ME Twitter library to support that?

Ernandes Mourão Júnior said...

Sorry! No soon update expected.

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