Nov 25, 2009

MIDP 3.0 SDK: Have a seat.

Hi all,

Today I received an e-mail from a follower of this blog, which asked me whether there is a MIDP 3.0-enabled SDK. I answered NO, unfortunately! At least for while, as the specification is not concluded yet (now on Final Approval Ballot, Nov 17-30th), they will not release any SDK, since some changes still may happen. I believe they are already working on it, but nothing has been commented yet. For sure, Sun Microsystems must be the pioneer.

So while there is no SDK available to play with the new features, let's continue reading and discovering what is new in MIDP 3.0, OK? So when the new Java ME Platform SDK 4.0 is released, we will be ready to start developing our powerful MIDP 3.0 applications.

Stay tuned on the next posts, more curiosities are about to come.

See you in the next post...