Jul 4, 2009

Ovi Store and Java Verified: False Alarm

Hi all,

I will not write much on this topic here, but I would just like to have it registered, because there are already many discussions on the Internet, about this misunderstood that Ovi Store is requiring Java Verified certificate for all its candidate applications.

To sum up all the discussions, Ovi Store does NOT require that applications go through Java Verified process before being submitted. However, it just requires that every application be signed by Verisign or Thawte, for instance.

Java Verified is a very expensive testing process (~$175 per device), which is totally impracticable for independent developers, which, most of times, just upload their free applications in order to become popular on Internet, show their skills or merely get a better job. However, for those developers still interested in Ovi Store, be prepared to expend ~$500 to sign their applications. That's the average price charged by Verisign, for instance, to sing an application for one year period.

I believe that Nokia made the right decision!

To have more details on this discussion, see the links below:

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