Jul 30, 2009

New Sony Ericsson UI Style Guidelines

Hi all,

The July issue of Sony Ericsson Developer World's newsletter, they announced a very interesting and useful content that may interest many mobile developers: UI Style Guidelines. This content depicts, in details, all the UI standards and guidelines used by Sony Ericsson to develop their user interfaces.

There you will find all the philosophy and technique behind the way they project their interfaces and expect that us, developers, follow them so that we can create applications more integrated to their devices' environment.

The Sony Ericsson's philosophy is based on the acronym USE: Useful, Simple and Energized. In other words, a user interface must have useful features, be simple to use and enthusiasm people to use them, exceeding their expectations.

The entire content is divided into three sections:
  • UI Philosophy - depicts Sony Ericssons's philosophy behind its user interfaces
  • UI Rulebook - a set of rules that you should follow to have user interfaces more integrated to devices's environment
  • UI Components Catalog - a set of Flash components that makes easier the development of user interfaces
You may think that this content is only useful for developers that create applications for Sony Ericsson's devices. I do not think that way. In this content you will realize the many standards and guidelines can be applied to many others similar platform, since they are quite generic.

To access the New Sony Ericsson UI Style Guidelines, click here.

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