Aug 9, 2008

MIDP3.0 is coming...

Hi all,

It seems that the new MIDP 3.0 is about to be launched. The specification is now done and approved. A group of over 100 members, leaded by Mike Milikich (Motorola), has been working on this specification since March 2005. See below some of the new features:
  • Enhanced LCDUI
  • LIBlets - Shared code between MIDlets
  • Application and System Events
  • Inter MIDlet Communication - IMC
  • Screen Saver MIDlet
Now, we just have to wait for the first model. Does somebody guess which vendor will be the pioneer? I have a guess. :)

For further information, see a presentation on the link below:

See you in the next post...


Anonymous said...

OK, what's your guess as to which vendor will be the pioneer?

Ernandes Mourão Júnior said...

I would bet on Sony Ericsson! Along with Nokia, they have invested on Java ME a lot in the last years. I work on projects for them and I see all the their efforts to provide new technologies related to Java.

Motorola, for instance, now is more focused on Android.