Aug 19, 2008

Is MSA 2 already coming?

Hi all,

We are still getting used with Mobile Service Architecture (MSA), but the Java Community Process can't stop. They are already working on a new version of MSA, MSA 2, which comes to comprise more JSR's; some of them are new ones and others just newer versions. For example, the JSR 256 - Mobile Sensor, JSR 257 - Contactless Communication API and JSR 271 - MIDP 3.0.

In additional, the MSA is now divided into three groups: Limited, Subset and Full. Previously, we had just the Subset and Full. Each one cromprising a different set number of JSR's supported. For example, the Limited version will be aligned with JSR 185 - Java Technology for the Wireless Industry (JTWI).

The ratification of MSA 2 is expected to be done along with MIDP 3.0, about fourth quarter of 2008. However, MSA 2's ratification, problably, will be done before the first quarter of 2009.

For further information on MSA 2, see the link below:

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